Shelter Pro Partnership

Partnering with Shelter Pro as a preferred Branded License Tag allows BARKCODE to offer you our visible identification products that integrate directly with your Shelter Pro software making our partnership simple and effortless.

We salute the efforts of all Animal Service Organizations and welcome you to reach out to us for information. Kindly complete the short form below and we will send you the the appropriate product and low cost pricing information.

  • Microchips along with a Visible ID make the perfect team!
  • Our ID’s link with your Shelter Pro software so you have all the data needed
  • No Annual Fees, no renewal charges
  • Choose Custom Tags & collars or our Signature Line of Help Me Home - Digital ID’s
  • Rescue, Shelter, Foster and Re-Homing saves lives we want to be a part of yours

Everyday Animal Service Organization team members are on calls or in the field fighting to rescue animals impacted by devastating fires, storms, earthquakes, conducting rescues and helping lost pets.

City Licensing not only helps Animal Services identify family pets, it promotes responsible pet ownership and reduces tragedies associated with lost pets, pet overpopulation and unnecessary euthanasia. Licensing is essential to be in compliance with local and state rabies vaccination laws.

We thank you in advance!

Laura Erickson

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