How to register your pet and enter your information

     Welcome and Thank You for your purchase   You can read the directions below or click on this link to register now:

Register your product in 3 easy steps

   Your pet id is not active until you claim your code


If this is your first BARKCODE® Pet ID Product, you will need to register and create your account by clicking on the red “Register Tag” button on the upper right side of the websites Home Page.   Update anytime you want 24/7 (password protected). 

MAIN IMAGE HINT:  If you are changing the main image of your pet, once you load the new picture you must hit the refresh button on your computer to load the new image.

That's it, done!

The next time you want to make any changes or updates just go to and LOG IN.   Then go to the top of the website page, click on MY PET(s) click on VIEW then EDIT if you want to make changes, remember to hit SAVE.

Thank you for your purchase and for becoming part of the BARKCODE® Family!