Customer Testimonials

THANK YOU- THAT WORKED BEAUTIFUL. Tina and Tequila are all good now.  The presentation of the tags in the black case are really great. My husband thought it was really nice.
Thanks again,
Judy-Judy, Tina & Tequila

Subject: Jake & Trudie
The tags were waiting when we returned from vacation - they look great and now the babies are protected.

Thanks so much,
Eugenia-Eugenia, Jake & Trudie

Hi Laura~ Thanks for getting back to me right away and YES!   Thank you. We have been swamped with events the past week. He has been telling lots of people about your product when they see the tags on Frankie's carrier at the studio so let's hope this brings more business your way. Thanks again.
Will you be at the gift suite for the American Music Awards?

~Julie M.~
publicist-Julie M. Publicist

Hi Laura!
So far we have only gotten a picture of Kiwi our pig wearing her tag, We love the tags!! Thank you again!-Kiwi the pig

Doc-Barker's BARKCODE arrived yesterday and it looks great...thanks!  I will get him registered over the weekend.  You are the best!!!
Sherry-Sherry and Doc Barker

Laura,Thanks so much for calling me and working with me on this. I am ready to fall over from exhaustion, but am so excited to get the tags. We just got back from LA where I had to take Bella to the vet (VAC) and that's where I saw the ad for your service.  I so appreciate this level of service in pet recovery and did this on the fly so I'm sorry the picture wasn't better. It makes me so sad to think that pets go to shelters and rarely get recovered.I'm happy to pay for the extra tag. What you guys do is awesome! Thanks again and I'll let you know how they look when I get them.
Nora-Nora at VAC

Hi Laura,
How are you?  We LOVE them!! The bigger tag is good for Nubz.  They look good on the dogs, in fact I bought 2 new collars for Rails and Gracie that have a special spot on the collar for the ID tags. They are kind of on the side and are easily seen.  I am showing them and recommending them to all my friends!

We might be requesting another tag and my wife thinks she wants a bulldog for her birthday (9/3)  Oh boy, 4 dogs :-)

Thanks for staying in touch and I'll write if we get the Bully.

Don't forget to consider me with anything going on in this area with BARKCODE
Norm  -Norm

Hi Laura,
My BARKCODE arrived!   It is so great.  Your packaging and materials are amazing.  I have already started to show people.  Bennett is proudly wearing it.
Thanks again.
Karen, and Bennett too.

oh my gosh he is super cute on there jus wanna let u kno i recieved the tags they r sooo cute ty so much ----------
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Laura.  I just wanted to thank you on the great Marine Corps tags you made for Pharaoh. They are terrific and you are so very nice. Everyone loved them.
Thanks again. -Pharoah, the Marine Dog