BARKCODE® - How We Got Started

Our Girl Syrah can tell you just how BARKCODE® started:


My name is Syrah and this is my story.

I was 12 weeks old when some really nice people came to visit and they did not leave like all the others instead they filled out some papers and took me with them, wow I was excited and really happy to jump in the car with these new people.  We spent great times together getting to know one another, my new parents told me how much they loved me and how lucky they were to find me, they didnt know I was the happest one!

Then sometime after my first birthday we welcomed little Spago into our lives.  He’s the little guy sitting next to me on the sofa.   Things were going really well and one day we were introduced to another dog.   But this time, the new dog only stayed for a few days…

My parents found the lost dog wandering on a busy street and they were trying to find his owner. Unfortunately, the phone number on his tag just went to a message saying the number was no longer in service, so the new pup stayed with us over the weekend.

After posting up signs in the neighborhood and calling local vets and shelters, they were finally able to help him home.

But it seemed we always had new four legged visitors staying at the house for short periods of time. And sometimes, the best that could be done was to find a new home for the lost dogs.  Pet adoptions are great thats how I found my forever home, but I know a lot of these other dogs we prefer to go back to their own families if they could be located.

It was about six lost dogs later that my parents came up with the idea of BARKCODE®.  They said they never wanted to worry about someone not being able to help us home. So using the latest mobile technology, they developed a patent-pending pet recovery system that is Simple, Direct and Universal.

To make sure your family stays together, insist that your 4-legged BFF is wearing a BARKCODE® tag!

Helping your pet Home

BARKCODE ® will donate a portion of it's proceeds to charities that support No Kill Animal Facilities.


Thank you for your purchase, thank you for helping us continue to make a difference.

Imagine the day when a lost pet NEVER has to enter an over-crowded shelter… with BARKCODE® that day is possible.